Monday, May 30, 2016


From the 3rd of June 2016, BomaPetersblog will be kicking off the "AS E DEY HAPPEN YARN AM!" campaign which will enable us get first hand accounts of events from the general public.This campaign will empower the general public by giving them a platform to share their views,beliefs,thought etc on our blog.
This is how it will work:

1)You see something happening,you take a picture(try not to kill yourself when doing this).

2)Attach the picture you took in a mail,add some description of what happened(try to be as precise as possible).

3)Add subject title to your email(this will be used as the post title on the blog).

4)Please do not forget to add your name at the end of the mail.

5)Send the mail to

6)We will go through your post,if it's news worthy , it will be published.

Let's make somethings clear first......**clears throat**..Not all emails sent will be published,we RESERVE the right to NOT publish a post we find offensive o not news worthy.

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