Friday, June 8, 2012

Girl stripped completely naked for indecent dressing

Two young women aged 20 and 25 years respectively – one in a mini-skirt and one in a top that left her entire breast almost exposed, were molested by a large group of men in cameroon...continue to get the full gist and to see the uncensored picture..... Do you think they deserved what they Got? 

Eyewitness say a group of men gathered in front of the shop the girls had entered. As soon as the girls came out, the men followed them,sexually molested and stripped one of the girls naked and started taking photos with their cellphones.Her friend who tried to assist her was then also abused. The girl who wore the mini-skirt was eventually rescued by police, who escorted her home, whilst the other was saved by a businessman, and was also later escorted home.


  1. very cruel and unkind!

  2. The police should arrest that man, since they've got a shot of his face, and simply strip him naked and get him to walk the streets since he thinks what he did is right. Illiteracy is so uncool - and he's one really illiterate chap from the pictures taken.

  3. Poor girl. No one has the right to strip another person naked. This is inhumane and degrading. The man holding the girl was protecting her from the heartless wicked mob from lynching her any further.