Friday, May 4, 2012

Cameroon president throws all his former regime into jail.

The president of the Republic of Cameroon,H.E Paul Mvondo Biya has sent almost all his former regime into the Konangui central prison in Yaounde for EMBEZZLEMENT AND CORRUPTION.
These former ministers were rounded up by the Anti corruption Unit''''OPERATION SPARROW HAWK''' As it is called.The president has vowed never to spare any person who is caught in this embezzlement or corruption issue.These ministers as one can say have been embezzling their money peacefully without any one having any idea. But the last straw that breaks the camels back was in 2004 when some of them were caught in the fraudulent buying of a presidential plane christian ''ALBATROS'' which after some investigations,it was found out that it was an old plane that was only given a retouch.It almost crashed with the presidential family on a test flight.........hehehehehehehe imagine how greedy people can become...they weren't even afraid to put their President's life in danger ooh.....wen will Uncle Joe wake up from his slumber too?.....continue to read more......Uncle Joe is still  my man oooh...hehehehehe

These guys bought an old plane just to pocket part of the money.
All of them were warmly welcomed at the Kondengui central prison by inmates with boos!! People who used to command are now being commanded! Wow!

Below is the list of those criminals who want Africa to remain poor.
1] Former Prime Minister and Head of government ,Chief Epraim Inoni
2]Former ambassador to the U.S ,Jerome Mendouga
3]Former director general of Cameroon's carrier,Michel Fotso Yves, son of Cameroon's richest man, Fotso Victor
4]Former minister of economy and finance,Polycarpe Abah Abah
5]Former minister of water and energy,Alphones Siyam Siwe.
6]Former secretary general at the presidency,Jean Atangana Mebara
7]Former minister of public health,URBAIN OLANGUENA
8]Former minister of basic education,Mme Haman Adama
9]Former minister of post and telecommunication, Mounchipou Seidou
1o]Former Secretary general at the presidency,Prof Titus Ezoa ,and many others.
11]Former minister of territorial administration adn decentralization Amidou Marafa Yaya 

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